Monday, October 17, 2011

Project of dreams: Jebel Sifah- if you build it, they will come.....

Jebel Sifah another integrated tourism complex (ITC) project is near completion and is looking quite fantastic; however, the road leading there is extremely hazardous and the residential units cost reflect premium pricing.

  • Joint venture between Muriya Tourism Development Company and Omran (Omani Government owned).
  • 40 minutes from Ruwi / Muscat area by car down a very treacherous and tortuous road.
  • Residential units, hotels, shopping, marina, restaurants planned and in final stages as of October 2011.
  • Ali Al-Habsi (Omani footballer) received the keys to his complementary two bedroom apartment courtesy of Muriya Tourism Development Company in June of 2011.
  • According to, villas start around 300,000 OMR (780,000 USD) and apartments at 154,000 OMR (400,400 USD).
  • The Sifawy Boutique Hotel ( opened in the fall of 2011.
Directions to Jebel Sifah from Muscat:

Map - Click to Enlarge
Click to enlarge the map

  • From Wadi Kabir follow signs towards Qantab. Your vehicle will need some horsepower to make it through the mountains. There are no fuel stops along the way. Night driving could be very dangerous if not familiar with the road.
  • Do not turn into Qantab but continue straight until the first roundabout "R/A 1" of ShangriaLa Hotel and Dive Center. Go right towards Yiti not towards the Hotel or Dive Center.
  • Proceed straight until the second R/A 2 and go straight through that R/A towards Yiti village. The left turn off is the new constructions to Yiti Beach resort. At the third R/A 3 take a left towards Yiti (not to Hamriya). (see map above)
  • You will enter Yiti village after driving a 2-3 km stretch through wadi land. Watch for signs to Sifah. You will need to turn right-ish at that point. It's a bit tricky so watch carefully for signs (Sifah is about 25 km from here).
  • The road will be mountainous with many sharp and quick turns. You will pass Bandar Kharyan and a few villages. Keep going. The mountains will become higher. Keep going straight (you will be curving up and down and around the road) until you reach Sifah. Jebel Sifah is to the right and the village of Sifah is to the left. 
Road to Sifah

Road to Sifah

Welcome to Sifah

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