Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Omani Garlic - Ancient Secret in Falaj Construction

الثوم العماني 'Thum Omani'. In the past the Omanis used garlic 'Omani dynamite'  to aid them in construction of afalaj (aqueducts).  Having very potent qualities, garlic was crushed and left on the planned falaj route for the purpose of weakening and crumbling the rock which then was more easily dug out. The garlic was left on the rock for a week or more. Afterward, fire was used to burn out the area. Original Omani garlic is known to be one of the best in Al Kaleej. The highest quality is grown in the interior where there's less humidity and higher temperatures. 


Friday, March 8, 2013

Protest breaks out in front of Opera House in Muscat and in Sohar

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A protest broke out in front of the royal Opera House tonight. At about 9:30 pm around 50 to 100 Omanis had gathered from what I saw from the car window.  A large organized police presence was felt and doing the best they could directing traffic on SQ Highway despite the gawking of those driving by.  It was said the number of demonstrators increased to several hundred by midnight and that some people from the ever busy the Jawharet complex had walked over and joined in.  

Demonstrators were voicing their outrage in regard to the Jason Moran concert held at the Royal Opera House at the end of February in which a member of the music group recited a few suras from the Holy Quran which is not considered religiously suitable.  The outrage has been festering in online forums and the like for the last week. The Royal Opera House has since issued a statement of apology. And, it seems no offense was intended by Mr. Moran or by members of his group. The Royal Opera House Muscat opened in 2011. It is an exquisite complex in the Qurum area.    

 Later, it was relayed  that people in Sohar were protesting also, but I did not see it and cannot comment. It is illegal to gather in groups of more than ten with out prior permission  in Oman as far as I know, and several Omanis are serving time for participating in such 'meet-ups' as reported by the media. However,   people here are gathering for the reason of upholding religious values.  Omani opinions vary on the issue.

Source: Sablat Oman

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quantab Project Video

Quantab Project Video

 Video: Proposed development of Quantab beach, 'subtle extravagance.'


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mysterious Blue Omani Seen On Highway

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This Omani gentleman was standing on the SQ Highway near Musannah. He appears to be greeting the ROP with his blue left hand.  It was later said he was protesting something, but we are not sure what.