Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sri Lankan Embassy files complaint with Oman against National Day "Gropers'

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Apparently, the teenage girl who was groped on National Day is a Sri Lankan citizen. She has been in the hospital for trauma. The Sri Lankan Embassy has filed an official complaint with Oman on her behalf. The Omani guys involved in the incident have been picked up by ROP and are being dealt with. It is said the girl and her companion were not there to celebrate but trying to get home through the traffic the revelers caused.  : Video  

Sorry for the blurriness. Omani guy reaches out and gropes girl in pink t-shirt and red helmet.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Omani Civil Defense rescues four from overflowing wadi : Video

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Omani Civil Defense rescued these four Pakistani from Big Wadi in Ibri, Governorate of Dahirrah. The pilot of the helicopter is an Omani woman.

انقاذ اربعة باكستانيين كانوا عالقين بسبب جريان وادي الكبير بولاية عبري

Omani rescue pilot from Ibri

Oman National Day 'Groping' : Video

 الفيديو الذي احدث ضجة وغضب عارم نتيجة تصرفات صبيانية لا تعكس اخلاقيات الشعب العماني الخلوق  / في العيد الوطني ال 43

This video shows a young girl being what looks likes being groped by a group of Omani National Day revelers. You can hear her screaming in fear/disgust. This is one of several incidents from this year's celebration. I do not remember another National Day where such happened. I'm not sure what got into people this year; maybe, the full moon during National Day caused people to go partially nuts.

Although many Omanis have indicated outrage by this video and such actions on various forums, unfortunately sexual harassment does happen in Oman especially toward expat women. I have an acquaintance whose husband worked at Vale, she was followed out of LuLu's by an Omani gentleman. He then pursued her in a car as she drove home. She was so frightened her husband had to leave work to rescue her.

This is not an isolated story. In Oman, they call it 'eve chasing.' Certain Omani men may see expat women as an easy target as they are outside of the 'tribal system'. So, the 'shame' factor in chasing an expat is mitigated as the expat most likely does not know anyone who matters as far as the reputation for the Omani goes nor does the Omani pursuer fear the possible physical retribution from the many male relatives of an Omani girl, or the Omani thinks rightly or wrongly the expat may be more amenable to dating.

 For example, in Omani culture it is even considered inappropriate for male friends to inquire about the wives, mothers, daughters, etc. of the other; instead they make a general inquiry about the welfare of the other's family. So, 'groping' a wife, mother, sister of a compatriot would be in extreme contradiction of traditional values.

I hope ROP cracks down on such behaviors in the future, puts stiff penalties, and/or educates the public against following / harassing expat and Omani women to stop its occurrence so woman don't have to experience such while in Oman. In addition,  it does tarnish Omanis reputation when most of the Omani people have so much to offer and are so hospitable and helpful as the expats share their experiences about Oman with their colleagues, friends and families in their respective home countries.

Muttrah Souq Floods : Video مياه الأمطار تدخل إلى سوق مطرح

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 : Severe weather forecasted in Oman from tomorrow night

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ROP & the Oman Met Office have been issuing warnings about severe rain and hail predicted from Thursday night throughout the weekend. Honestly, I never know about the reliability of their predictions based upon experience of following the reports through the years; however, it seems they are going the extra step about warning people for the coming storm.

When it does flood, it can be quite serious in the Sultanate as the water rises quickly without warning on roads and in wadis. Every year, sadly, I read about someone or some child being washed away by a wadi or about people being stranded in their cars in high waters. So, use common sense and don't let your child play in the wadi during a rain storm and don't drive through high water with a current. The maximum water level a car can probably take is the engine air intake location; even a modified Land Cruiser can't go more than mid-door deep.

Source: Merge Radio

Omani National Day Qurm 'Booty' Dance Video Controversy

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Outlandish night dancers in Qurm celebrating Omani National Day. While an acceptable display of activity in some cultures, these cross-dressed Omani dancers are now rumored to be sought after by ROP. It appears the lead dancer is dressed as a pregnant Arab woman and twerking while lifting his gown from the rear which is at the least an unsuitable style of public dance and in contradiction with public morality in Oman.

The video was going viral in the Sultanate today through various social media and apps
 Prankish fun or vulgar public display
This windshield says ' Don't chase me. I am engaged.' written in jest by the driver an Omani male. Now, he could be in trouble for indecent slogan on car.
getting home

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Omani National Day Songs - أغاني العيد الوطني العماني

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Congratulations to the Sultanate of Oman on the occasion of the 43rd National Day. 

Eid Watani Saeed, Happy National Day, عيد وطني سعيد
Events: Fireworks 8pm: Seeb, Amerat, Salalah
Buraimi: Car decoration contest and vehicle parade: 4pm from Buraimi Public Park

Omani National Day Songs:

 أغنية تزهوا بك الاعوام (قابوس
This is a very popular National Day song.

Sawt linhdah tunada صوت للنهضة تنادى
"A Voice Calls for Renaissance"
Classic Omani National Day Song

Song from Omani Folklore.
 HM Sultan Qaboos in Ibri some years back.

1990: Share a smile.
Al Myiasi - Houbk Oman
Omani Singer for National Day

Tornado today in Quriyat, Oman : Video , اعصار في قريات عمان

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From Facebook: Oman Akbar. Strange tornado looking cloud spinning in Quriyat.
اعصار في قريات عمان


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Omani Arabic for Expats: Is the wadi flowing?

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Rains hit the Sultanate yesterday; here are a few Arabic words/expressions having to do with rain.

Is the wadi flowing?
hal alwadi habit   هل الوادي هابط؟

It's raining
Local dialect: indana sail al heen  عندنا سيل الحين
GCC standard: Tomtar al heen, amtar hina  تمطر الحين  او امطارهنا

Thunder & lightning  raa'd wa barq  رعد وبرق

Rain is coming   almatar gaay المطر جاي

The clouds are dark alsohob mudlimahلسحب مظلمه

Drizzle        rathath            رذاذ

Storm               Aseefah       عاصفة

Downpour         enhimar almatr    انهمار المطر
Flood                    faydan or garfahفيضان او جرفه

Umbrella    madalaمظلة


Sohar flooded after the rainstorm.   garqat sohar meen alamtarغرقت صحار من الامطار

The wadi is overflowing.  الوادي هابط Alwadi habit

I love when it rains.     ouhoub lama tomtarأحب لما تمطر

Move the cars to higher ground.    enqil al sayarah ela mantiqah aala    انقل السيارة الى منطقة اعلى

Don't drive in wadis with high water.  لا تقود في الوادي عند ارتفاع منسوب المياة la taqood fi alwadi enda ertafaa' ansoob almiyah

Sohar: ROP to the rescue
Budget underwater near Duwar Sohar



Mirbat, Salalah: Recent Massive Shark Haul Reported

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Due to environmental factors such as wind and current,  schools of sharks have been brought closer to the coast of Mirbat. Fishermen have been taking advantage and pulling in large catches of shark daily. The fins of sharks are highly prized. Each shark sells for about 50 OMR or more making it relatively a lucrative business for the fishermen.

Mainly expats take the boats (called 'carab' قارب in Arabic) out and split the profit with the Omani owner.  Although a windfall for locals; there is an environmental cost for over fishing. Unfortunately, the over hunting of shark has caused their populations to dwindle over time and some countries have legal protections in place regarding the fishing of sharks.


Friday, November 8, 2013

ROP allowing car decoration for National Day

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According to ROP command, it is allowed to put stickers on cars from November 18 until the end of November in recognition of the 43rd National Day of Oman. Stickers should be fixed tightly and not block windshield vision, plate numbers or lights. Use of immoral slogans or Royal Office logo are not allowed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Two Omanis Shoot 19 People Around Muscat Oman ....

Two Omani shabab were very recently apprehended by ROP investigations. The two Omanis admitted to shooting at least 19 people with a traditional type gun (in Arabic a 'kasar كسر') over the last month in the Muscat area. The first shooting took place in Ansab, and then continued in Seeb, Al Khoud, Al Amerat, Wadi Kabir, Al Kuwair and Gubra. The motive is unknown.

The victims were of Indian, Pakistani and Omani origin. Some of those who were shot are still undergoing treatment. However, thanks to god no one was mortally wounded. Apparently,  the two on the shooting spree used a four-wheel to shoot and flee. The two shooters were identified as Saud Al Abri and Abi Al Harthy.

This may be a first of its kind as far as random shooting sprees go in Oman. In order to have guns in Oman you must be licensed; however, old hunting guns are still around especially in villages. 

Suspect 1

Suspect 2
Victim photos from Times of Oman
'Kasar' style gun

'Kasar' style gun
Air powered weapons are not fired without some risk of major bodily harm to the victim.
regarding air weapon fatalities.