Monday, September 5, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

HM Sultan Qaboos arrived yesterday

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Citizens and expats lined the street to welcome HM Sultan Qaboos back to Oman after a trip overseas.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Ruwi Sheraton sign light was on.....

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To my surprise, the Ruwi Sheraton`s red logo light was on today and then suddenly darkened again. The Sheraton is one of Oman´s oldest hotels, but has been shut down for at least half a decade. MuscatMutterings did a write up back in 2012 regarding some renovation issues, see here:

April 10, 2016, the red `S`is lit up ....
 This hotel is the tallest building in Ruwi and has become more of a landmark than anything else and is a bit mysterious. It has been serving as a giant multi-million OMR lamp post for National Day lights but as little else in the last five to six years.

Every six months or so (for the last five years), I read an article in the local press about how the Sheraton is going to reopen in the following month. I believe one article actually stated it had reopened two years ago, and I really wondered about the reporting considering both major newspapers in Oman have offices right there in Ruwi and one paper is maybe 200m from and in direct sight of the closed-down hotel.

National Day Lights
In its heyday the hotel was the tallest and possibly most grand in Muscat or at least in Ruwi.

The pool.....

The Ruwi Sheraton in earlier days......