Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Desert Camp `The Dunes` Opening

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A new luxury desert camp called `The Dunes`by Al Nahda is opening this month. It looks worth checking out. In summary, it is closer to Muscat and boasts more luxurious accommodation than other camps. Here is the description and web link:


Only a 45 Minute drive away from the Muscat International Airport takes you directly to the sand dunes of Wadi Al Abiyad (White Sands in Arabic), Dunes by Al Nahda is the closest desert resort to both downtown Muscat and to the United Arab Emirates.
Overlooking the surrounding, undulating sand dunes and mountains in the distance, Dunes by Al Nahda is an intimate, boutique desert resort built atop one of Wadi Al Abiyad’s tallest sand dunes.  Come share our views and experience whilst discovering a luxury adventure.
Dunes by Al Nahda features a total of 50 ultra luxury accommodation guest room tents, each featuring, amongst others, full individual bathrooms, separate seating areas and individually controlled air-conditioning.