Saturday, June 13, 2015

Times of Oman "reboots" their website

Times of Oman released a new website recently. I must say the new template is more user friendly and better enhanced with multimedia as well as visually crisper and elegant. Finally, Times has fixed the logo font type in the heading; whereas, in the previous online version the T of Times was put in an Arial or other sanserif font and the other letters imes were in their logo typeface. This had always bothered me as if the designers had catered to the limitations of the prior web template employed.

Over the last year, the Times has really focused on their online presence, on dynamics across devices and on the social media aspects of their online media, and it has made a difference. The Times blows the other papers out of the water with over 150,000 likes on the FB page while Muscat Daily has around 8,500 (pathetic) and Oman Observer with almost 10,500. I hope Muscat Daily gets on board soon with increased web charisma. I always liked their hard copies. Even certain FB groups in Oman have more likes or members than Muscat Daily. In contrast, the Emirati Gulf News has 1.09 million likes.

Facebook Likes and Oman Media

Flooding from Ashobaa,  Source: Times of Oman


  1. Speaking of newspapers. I read in yesterday's paper (and therefore it was most likely in ALL of them) an interview with the chairman of PAWE. Even for Omani standards, the excuses this guy is making and his comments are exceptionally idiotic.
    The water crisis will ease when people go on holiday? Really! I suppose you would also say that we dont need electric liht because it will get light in the morning.
    The aughority (oh, how the LOVE to quote / blame / use as an excuse "the Authority" (pick any) in thus country) has "no power" to regulate prices water suppliers are charging? Really? Your Authoritys are meddling in ANYTHING, downt to what prand of gummi bear candy is sold in the shops, or what family is allowed to run the chemist / drug stores here.
    A desalination plant will open in July? Really? What year was that again? Same as your airport that was of course supposed to opened a few years ago and will (maybe) open at the end of 2017(ish)

    So, that gentlemen is sitting behind his desk, in denial of a problem that effects many, many people. Of course HE does not have a water problem. Maybe he will akdo ho on holiday......

  2. What I like with the new design is, it is now responsive where in it is now viewed better in mobile and tablets