Saturday, March 21, 2015

Of Ethics..Bloggers in Oman

'Taking perks' and other issues with bloggers concerning Oman has popped up recently in popular blogger posts here in Oman. Most of the posts focused on justifications for accepting perks. Personally, I have noticed that the number of bloggers posting about the 'dinner' they attended or the 'free give away' offered to the readers provided by a local company or restaurant has significantly increased in the last couple of years compared to the earlier blog scene in Oman.

As far as this blog goes, we have intentionally never accepted any perk nor do we expect receiving such and remain anonymous for reasons to feel free from expectations or influence in expression. And, we do our best to respect the laws of the Sultanate.


  1. I think people can be honest about the food they eat even if it s free, but it is hard for an establishment to authentically judged if they know who you are right?

    As OPNO people give me make-up and offer me free clothes and to go to events but I don't usually post on any of it, if it was (OPNO) and not my anonymous self because I can't assess things the same. Unless I am simply judging a product by itself and can choose the product randomly myself (not food) there is no guarantee that my experience would be the same as others'.

    I don't think it is wrong to be a major social media blog and accept perks, but disclosure must be made about everything. Like, I get this for doing this. And the comment box should never be edited from other people's experiences in compare/

    That way, if there was a great variation in experience from the blogger's to the audiences, it would be out in the open.

  2. OPNO, thank you for your insights.

  3. I guess what readers basically look to read in blogs is honest writings. The opinions and reviews that a blogger gives should be an honest one and shouldn't be controlled by the perks you gave. As a blogger in Oman myself... I have written various reviews of restaurants and bars I have visited and experienced and I make it a point to make it more personal with personalised experience to make it real and practical. That would make the readers to trust the blogger. So as a blogger.. we have a sense of responsibility towards our readers as well.

    Blaber Blogger

  4. NO problem---for instance an online clothing store, I rated their abaya? It was good quality. But then in my comments box more than one reader said they'd ordered and never got what was pictured? I always try to edit reviews to advise others to read the comments if others' had bad experiences if mine was good and the place knew who I was when I ordered or any of the other girls who contribute to the blog etc... I don't like to be a puppet for anyone or to lead others to less than what I had.

    I don't know who you are so you are safe if I ever open a public business:).

  5. If restaurants want us to come and review them, they should say, come to our restaurant anonymously, write a review, and whether good or bad, and you will be reimbursed for your food etc. (that's the most authentic good publicity---for online clothing, or for a restaurant).