Monday, October 20, 2014

PDO Camp Oman - Before/After Photos

In case you haven't been through Ras Al Hamra lately, PDO is in the process of developing a new residential complex for their employees; it's probably about time. The construction of the project started about two years ago and the results are quite elegant.

PDO CAMP (apologies for the margin overage)

2014 - New villas
Something's low key and relaxing about the old styles; some with view of sea - private outside entrances

2014 - Modern, attractive completed housing - you can see who's home from the main drag

2014 - New street with housing
New flats under construction

2014 - Almost completed

Ras Al Hamra-1960s when it was a 'camp'
New housing

 2014 - Mosque leading into the brand-new development

Existing rec club
2014 -Behind the fence - a new golf course

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