Saturday, July 19, 2014

Etihad Airlines, 'The Residence' & 'First Apartments'

Etihad, the national airline of the U.A.E., meaning 'union' in English according to their CEO (but also has been translated as 'unity' or 'united')  introduced its new first class section, 'The Residence' and 'First Apartments' a few months ago.

In recap, the design phase took about five years. 'The Residence' is a one-of-a-kind three room suite. The cabins will be available for commercial flight at the end of December 2014 for routes to/from Abu Dhabi/London and early 2015 for routes to/from New York/Sydney. Booking is open from their website. First Apartments to London showed half sold out through reservations. There is no upgrading using loyalty points. They new suites are unique compared to other airlines.

It does look as one may even enjoy a long haul flight in one of the new cabins, and it seems it would be especially appealing for those who crave privacy.  Some people feel they could never justify spending such money on such a short term luxury, but others maintain it's worth it.

The Residence:   
125 sq ft, 3 rooms, private bath, 2 person capacity, private butler and chef
Cost: 21,000 USD / 77,000 UAE -  Abu Dhabi to Heathrow each way

First Apartments: 
39 sq ft, 1 room, full privacy, 24″ TV Screen. ottoman to bed, drink cabinet, vanity, chef
Cost: 4,000 USD /15,000 UAE -  Abu Dhabi to Heathrow each way

Affordability (assuming no one's springing for you):
Route: London/Abu Dhabi
Economy Ticket Price $500, Average Salary - 50,000 USD
First Apartment $4,000 (8 times higher than economy), Equivalent Salary - 400,000 USD
The Residence $21,000 (42 times higher), Equivalent Salary - 2,100,000 USD

The Residence Photos/Video.

Living Area

Bedroom - Double bed, there is also a TV

Private Bath

Wide Aisle

Tour of 'The Residence'. 
It may be best to turn the volumn down as Dannii tends to squeal at the sight of the cabin's features.


Overshot margins in order to make visible
1 X The Resident Suite, 9 X First Apartments

First Apartments

Shared Bathroom - has shower

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