Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oman has blocked the website of the Editor & Chief of Yahoo Travel

Blocking the editor-and-chief of Yahoo Travel may not be the best move for a country trying to promote tourism. ....

Source: Twiiter

Source: Web photos Paula Froelich - Informational purposes only

Ms Froelich wearing traditional mask

Her bio from the blocked website:

'Armed with a quick wit, unique voice and award-winning journalistic chops, Paula Froelich became the editor-in-chief of Yahoo Travel in April of 2013 after a stint as a senior writer at Newsweek and four years as a freelance journalist writing about politics, travel and pop culture. Her unique vision for the page has turned it into a must-read destination for anyone interested in being inspired, entertained, and motivated to engage the world and suck the marrow out of life.  In six short months Yahoo Travel went from primarily a booking site to the largest travel content site in the world.
 Her new video series, A Broad Abroad, is one of the first female-hosted travel adventure series of its kind. In it Paula invites viewers to explore the unknown and discover the unexpected in both familiar and exotic locales around the world. Her motto: Be Adventurous. Be Bold. Be Brave. Reclaim Yourself.
Paula is a New York Times best-selling author of the novel, Mercury In Retrograde. From 1999-2009, she was the Deputy Editor of the New York Post’s highly influential gossip column, “Page Six.” During her tenure she was seen by millions of viewers as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider and appeared as a guest on The View, Real Time with Bill Maher, The Today Show and Good Morning America.'

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  1. They block everything though, without even reading. A blog on my reader? the Salaafi feminist--- was blocked. I just wrote the "blocking website?" and asked them to check content and that I saw nothing worth blocking and lo and behold, it was unblocked.