Monday, December 8, 2014

Vaseline Oman

'Vaseline goes around the world to find out how its healing properties are used by different nationalities and cultures.' Below is an actual commercial for Vaseline for the Omani audience (note the pic of Muscat Gate in the background). 

This video (Eng subtitles) was featured on CNN (Arabic). Some found the video unbecoming to Omanis; others found the video catchy.  What are your thoughts..........

Vintage Vaseline


  1. Funny:)

    Although all the Omani gentlemen I know have cracked heels;) regardless of social designation.

    Olive oil is more commonly used for the same, by women;)

  2. ummm eeerr did anyone think about him standing there with his two fingers and the ummm vaseline on it ...and the obvious connotations.. EDITING of video highly recommended. Very poorly done.

  3. Hilarious!!! Where's the goat???