Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Avoid Swimming from Sifah to Wave Complex due to unknown contamination in Omani coastal areas

Please refer to forwarded letter below: Also, today, there was a fire at PDO - a gas unit caught fire - , and at least three (some reporting four) persons sustained injuries.

Dear Colleagues,

We would kindly like to bring to your attention that, after a thorough investigation, PDO has concluded that the crude oil deposits, which have recently been recently reported as affecting the local coastline, are not as a result of our operations. PDO has surveyed its facilities and confirmed that it is not related to our tankering operations at Mina Al Fahal. (MAF)

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) is aware of the problem which has affected the coastline from the Wave, Crown Plaza, MAF area down to Sifah and the Dimaniyat islands and have been surveying the sea and coastline since the end of last week. They have, however, not been able as yet to identify the source.  PDO is providing support to MECA to deal with the problem.

For the health and safety of you and your families, we advise you to refrain from accessing the beach for swimming during this period until  we have received the all clear.

Kind regards,

Mohammed Al Salmani (MSEM)
Corporate Health, Safety and Environment Manager



  1. Is that true?! why it's not anywhere in the news?!

  2. Yes, as far as we know. We believe the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs has put out a press release concerning the matter that will be published soon. Also, it has been said that samples have been collected and sent to the 'lab' to find out exactly where the contamination is from.

    We posted the forwarded letter out of care. It's been circulating. We are not sure how dangerous or if at all, but previous known health effects of being emerged 'water contaminated by oil' have been skin issues such as rashes, digestive problems or respiratory issues. Personally, I wouldn't put a small baby in the Muscat sea these days until more is known, but others may have varying opinions.

  3. Better play it safe & follow the advise.Not worth taking risks just for a swim which can do all year round.