Monday, November 24, 2014

Nice Old Photos of Oman

I lifted the photos below from the blog post: This blogger went to great effort to post what seem to be more than 100 historical photos of Oman & Zanzibar. Some, I had never seen before. If you're into Omani history or old photos, I recommend checking the post linked above out. From looking at some of the photos,  it becomes clear how much Oman has changed in the last half century but maintained her essence.

Three generations of sultans. Photograph dating back to 1912. The Sultan Faisal bin Turki is holding his grandson, Sultan Said bin Taimur and standing is his son Sultan Taimur.

Muscat Harbour

Sidab 1960s, note the camel in the foreground.

American women working at Muttrah hospital with Omani woman sitting 1960s

Muttrah 'beach'

The shelling of Nizwa fort by the British

Education system

1860 Muscat

Traditional Dhow
This is Muttrah 1970 

Road between Muscat & Muttrah 1959. It still exists through Riyam near the upper park entrance.


Cyclone 1952

Sultan Said bin Timor in a tank

Sultan Timor bin Faisal (Grandfather of HM Sultan Qaboos)

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