Thursday, November 27, 2014

Free Nawras/Ooredoo Today, but....

For National Day holidays, Ooredoo, formerly Nawras had announced a promotion for today 27 Nov by texting #ouroman to 80144 national calls would be free all day until midnight. They even published a press release in Muscat Daily. I subscribed and received a confirmation message, 'Enjoy free national calls from 12am to 11:59pm on the 27th of November to any network in the Sultanate!'

But then, oops, around 2am in the morning I was awakened by a text message. It was Ooredoo. 'Dear Customer. Thank you for registering for our National Day offer. Due to the high level of registrations and to allow everybody to enjoy this offer we have had to limit the offer to 5 OMR.'

This is very uninspiring on their part ! a - it's not the customer to blame for registering for a promotion they heavily marketed b - backpedaling when they realise they didnt think through the promotion fully is imprudent. c - waking people and sending messages at 2 am to cover themselves is inelegant.

On a different note, congratulations to Qatar for winning Gulf Cup.

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  1. Well, not surprising! Customer Service is one aspect of business that Oman has yet to learn about. This is false advertising and if they cannot deliver their promise, Omantel shold take advantage of this time and counter offer. I am sure a lot of customers have no qual,s of switching.

  2. Anonymous above nailed it. Monopolistic markets. Firms have the market power more than customers do. So long way to go in the area of customer service.