Tuesday, November 11, 2014

From around Oman and beyond this Week

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said. His Majesty gave a televised speech this week from Germany.  I really like this photo with the contrasting colours, and HM is looking quite dapper as well.
Oman received 'snow' in the form of hail at the beginning of this week. Rain or snow is a rare happening in most parts of Oman. The snow graffiti says 'Qaboos'.

Secretary Kerry in the Muttrah souk in between negotiations with Iran.  Oman Observer and Travels into Oman have more photos of his shopping exploits. My favourite tweet of the hour:
 hours ago  US diplomats are resorting to genie lamps? RT @RZimmt: #JohnKerry buying a "Magic Lamp" yesterday in #Muscat, #Oman.
Austrailian (long time resident of Oman) artist David Willis new exhibition,Traditional Oman, opened in Bait al Baranda on Nov 4. Oman has a fantastic maritime history; her coast extended down the shores of Africa.  ASafeHarbour blog has lots of photos of the event and the art. .
I was looking for inflatable pools at LuLu's and noticed the pictures on the boxes all had been manually censored with a black marker. It must of taken them hours. Oman is a conservative society.

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