Saturday, September 13, 2014

Omani Student Arrested in Colorado, USA ....

Here is the link to the American news reporting:

CU student from Oman arrested on child porn charges

N Al  faces sexual exploitation charges

BOULDER, Colo. - A University of Colorado student was arrested Thursday after investigators said they found evidence of child pornography and lewd conversations on his phone and computer.......


Welcome to America.  Apparently, the police were investigating him for weeks.  It sounds bad from this article, but we do not know all the facts such as how old the girl was or how this Omani became associated with her.  It almost sounds like a honeypot trap.  At least in the USA, you are innocent until proven guilty even if this accusation would be quite shameful for his relations in Oman considering his face is posted on the nightly news. 

Oman  probably needs to hook him up with a good defense lawyer.  He is 19 years old according to reports. He seems like a normal Omani shab on his facebook page, not a pedafile type, but I could be wrong.  In 2006, Mr Turki, also an Arab (Saudi) student in Colorado (again, Colorado),  received a 28 year jail sentence for sexual assaulting his Indonesian housemaid, forced labour and more. Colorado, by the way, is the first state to legalise Marijuana. 

In his defense, I could totally see how a teenage Omani male 'set free' from the Omani conservative society while studying overseas would be naive in how to try to 'meet' girls leading to such an outcome. Considering how much lewd material and 'passes' at women take place  each day in the USA (especially in college fraternity houses); it seems an inordinate amount of police resources (weeks of investigation and search teams) were spent in targeting this teen.   Again, I am unsure of all the facts, if it turns out the girl is like 10 years old, then, it's a total different story. 



  1. The legal age of consent in Colorado is 17, therfore the girl must be younger than that. In fact if there is an age gap of less than 4 years the legal age of consent is 15., so if you say that the student is 19 that means the girl must be under 15 and for me that is completely indefensible.
    I'm sorry but regardless of whether the boy comes from a conservative society attempts to have a relationship with an underage girl are never ok and I find your attempts at defence and excuse making shameful.
    On another note that story about the 10 rial note are priceless ... that guy is obviously an idiot and like you when I first heard this story I thought it must be a parody, amazingly though it's not.


    1. Greetings, thank you for your information regarding Colorado law. I agree with you completely if this is the case. I still believe in due process and considering someone innocent until proven guilty as more facts come out at a trial than in a media story. The article mentions the girl was out-of-state, this could imply a federal investigation or other jurisdictional issues not just Colorado law.