Monday, September 15, 2014

Fresh 10 Omani Rials found @ Texas ranch

I was perusing Gulf News the other day and came upon this story, US politician sees Isil 'threat' in Oman currencyBasically, a candidate for US Senate travelled to Texas to get a 'boots on the ground' feel for the border problems. While there, a rancher's daughter found a paper which turned out to be 'freshly printed currency note from the Bank of Oman'. The politician held it in his hand and was very concerned about its 'freshness' and everyone was worried for the safety of the rancher's family after discovering the 10 OMR on the property.  

At first, I thought it may be a parody, but indeed it is a real conversation. Mr. Wade, the candidate, spoke about it on a US radio channel. I'm uploading the relevant part of the radio clip which I can not describe properly in words, but the full version can be found here: Honestly, I couldn't help but laugh through parts of the clip due to how absurd it sounded, but some people obviously take it seriously. This might be considered negligent fear-mongering by some standards. If only, the security issue on the border, were finding legitimate, 'unspoiled' Omani currency.

'A US Senate contender, who discovered Omani currency on American soil, has raised an alarm about the threat of Islamist militancy in his country.
Kevin Wade, a Republican businessman running for a Senate seat for the state of Delaware, recently travelled to the southern border with Mexico to assess for himself some of the problems the “broken border” faces.
Among the issues that caught his attention was the presence of Middle Eastern currency. The aspiring politician took a picture of the 10-rial Omani note, and tweeted: “Omani rials at Rio Grande. Border secure? #DoNothingSenate where is ISIS now?” referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group that has overrun large parts of Syria and Iraq and beheaded two American journalists in recent weeks.
Referring to the note, he added: “I held it. It’s the real deal.


  1. OMIGOD that's almost hilarious. As if we [Oman] had ISIS issues (which alhamdulilah we do not) and as if currency could indicate bad border control.

    Dude needs to, read, travel.

    If all else fails, he could watch the television series "The Bridge" to get some better ideas of where he might politically get involved in border vissues affecting Texas.


    But on ISIS, they aren't funny

  2. I tweeted at that idiot and called him a no-nothing idiot.. a week ago ;)