Friday, September 19, 2014

Adopt a pet in Oman

'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.'
Mohandas Gandhi

In the spirit of helping animals, please refer to Adopt a pet in Oman, The listings for September are quite active. I have always hoped there would be some sort of official pet/animal rescue organization in Oman. As it is now, most groups are purely self-started and volunteer with lack of proper funding. The vets around town have been known to provide free or discounted care. Certain individuals in the Omani government have given support to environmental and wildlife causes.

Each year, I see some lost wadi puppy roaming around away from his or her pack or a kitten in the trash dumpster Or, an injured dog that needs some care.  There are harrowing stories of police shooting dogs but not finishing off the job leaving them to wander around and suffer until infection or dehydration does it. Truly, my heart sinks when seeing or hearing about these things. Y-magazine put out an article about it last year, It's a tearjerker. Then, there is the wadi dog that does get adopted but then is either abandoned or returned to foster care.

Many wadi dog packs roam in populated neighborhoods. In Hamriya sometimes they overwhelm the street. There is concern from residents about the wandering dogs.

wadi puppies near muscat

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  1. I want to adopt dis dog
    Could send me d breed and gender of the dog.
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