Sunday, November 17, 2013

Omani National Day Songs - أغاني العيد الوطني العماني

Congratulations to the Sultanate of Oman on the occasion of the 43rd National Day. 

Eid Watani Saeed, Happy National Day, عيد وطني سعيد
Events: Fireworks 8pm: Seeb, Amerat, Salalah
Buraimi: Car decoration contest and vehicle parade: 4pm from Buraimi Public Park

Omani National Day Songs:

 أغنية تزهوا بك الاعوام (قابوس
This is a very popular National Day song.

Sawt linhdah tunada صوت للنهضة تنادى
"A Voice Calls for Renaissance"
Classic Omani National Day Song

Song from Omani Folklore.
 HM Sultan Qaboos in Ibri some years back.

1990: Share a smile.
Al Myiasi - Houbk Oman
Omani Singer for National Day

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