Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Omani National Day Qurm 'Booty' Dance Video Controversy

Outlandish night dancers in Qurm celebrating Omani National Day. While an acceptable display of activity in some cultures, these cross-dressed Omani dancers are now rumored to be sought after by ROP. It appears the lead dancer is dressed as a pregnant Arab woman and twerking while lifting his gown from the rear which is at the least an unsuitable style of public dance and in contradiction with public morality in Oman.

The video was going viral in the Sultanate today through various social media and apps
 Prankish fun or vulgar public display
This windshield says ' Don't chase me. I am engaged.' written in jest by the driver an Omani male. Now, he could be in trouble for indecent slogan on car.
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  1. so this is how the people of Oman give thanks for all the hard work of HM in making the country start its path to civilisation. His heart must be broken to see what his people have become! I found this National day absolutely terrifying as thugs bashed the roof of my car and sat on the bonnet for photos when I was stuck for three hours because they had blocked the road by driving the wrong way. They are of course all cowards as they cover their faces with masks. They still create an atmosphere of fear and tension however and of course as usual the Police did absolutely nothing to control traffic or to stop the beach road in Shatti from becoming completely overwhelmed. They just sit there preening themselves int heir cars doing nothing to pre-empt most importantly or once it has happened, due to their incompetence, to sort out the mess.