Wednesday, November 20, 2013 : Severe weather forecasted in Oman from tomorrow night

ROP & the Oman Met Office have been issuing warnings about severe rain and hail predicted from Thursday night throughout the weekend. Honestly, I never know about the reliability of their predictions based upon experience of following the reports through the years; however, it seems they are going the extra step about warning people for the coming storm.

When it does flood, it can be quite serious in the Sultanate as the water rises quickly without warning on roads and in wadis. Every year, sadly, I read about someone or some child being washed away by a wadi or about people being stranded in their cars in high waters. So, use common sense and don't let your child play in the wadi during a rain storm and don't drive through high water with a current. The maximum water level a car can probably take is the engine air intake location; even a modified Land Cruiser can't go more than mid-door deep.

Source: Merge Radio

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