Monday, June 2, 2014

Omani Author Badria Al Ismaili's Book "Salt' Banned and All Copies Ordered Destroyed in Oman

The book "Salt' or "ملح" by Badria Al Ismaili was banned recently by an Omani court due to the content being against the values and traditions of Oman. Previously, she was sponsored by Oman Cultural Club and Oman Scientific Research Council. Her book was published by Dar Al Entishar Al Arabi, a Lebanese publisher. The book consists of short stories.

The controversy is over some of the 'sexual prose' used in the writing style. There was a group who claimed outrage at the prose and made a big to do about it leading to the court taking up the case. There have been many write-ups analyzing her novel in Arabic newspapers. Whether the book is banned or not, does not change the reality of being human and what comes with it as described in her stories from what could be taking place in Oman nor the literary value of her work.

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