Sunday, June 1, 2014 / 'Campaign for the nationals..before foreigners'

Some local sentiments posted on FB recently. This page was launched at the beginning of May. I'm going to post a translation of some of it for informational purposes; it's not necessarily the opinion of this blog. There seems to be a 'nationalistic' (anti-expat) trend spreading through Oman lately which is being more openly expressed.

Facebook Page :

Title of FB Community

حملة "صاحب الدار أولى من الغريب"

'Campaign for the nationals of the homeland first before foreigners'


Post May 28: Foreign workers and the national security of the Sultanate.  Excerpts:  'Omani nationals now have fears from the increasing numbers of expatriates. This is not fiction or imagination but the truth. This is bleak for the future. The increasing number of expats and their dominance in the 'joints' of the Oman economy......'

Post May 24: Background to video, Omani National and others taken into custody for marrying two minor girls: An Omani man was arrested in India for allegedly marrying underage Indian girl. However, according to an Arabic newspaper, the Omani family claims it is a set up to get more dowry money from the Omani and that the girl is 20 but the Indian faked the paper to cause trouble to exploit the Omani for more money. The Omani couldn't pay and is in jail in India now.


The Omani Taxi Driver's caption says, (literally) 'Like deer working while the monkey playing in our country,' meaning the local working very hard while the foreigner is enjoying. The license plate of the blue car says 'Hind 1' The FB comment says, '..even Indians are working as tour guides in hotels and giving incorrect information about the country ('Oman') and its history.'

At the bank. The left queue of new citizens 'remittances' while the right hand queue of nationals 'loans'

This rather propagandist looking picture of an Omani woman searching for cans to sell in the rubbish is juxtaposed against a foreigner shaking an Omani officials hand. The comments say, ' long for the national injury, how long for this shameful reality...'

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