Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Well-known Logos in Oman: Before and After

Most of these logos have been 'updated' in the last five years or so....

The  rebranding of Oman....


'Old sick sack'


"New Wings of Oman"

'The new logo — a gold and silver swirl — represents the contemporary rendition of frankincense smoke...'




"Beauty Has an Address - Oman"

Logo Explanation

Ship, Marine, Mountain, Smoke (Squiggly lines from right to left)
It also spells Oman in Arabic lettering 'عمان'

" Taking its inspiration from the wonderful diversity that is Oman –amongst other things, Arabic calligraphy, our marine environment and magnificent landscape, local textiles, Oman’s historic leadership in trade and pioneering role in exploration and of course, frankincense, which has been at the core of our culture and economy for generations. Expertly crafted, the brand mark draws on a rich and vibrant colour palette which reflects Oman’s natural bounty.

More specifically, and looking at the brand from right to left, the first colour, dawn purple, represents the dhow; Musandum aquamarine green is inspired by Oman’s rich marine environment and the turtle in particular; sky blue is taken from the silhouettes of the mountains; and the Salalah green is the essence of frankincense.

The four part of the brand mark were drawn in an organic fashion to demonstrate continuous natural growth. The typography in both Arabic and English were designed in a contemporary manner using soft cornered San Serif, creating a contrast with the symbol and providing a firm base beneath it. This contrast is intended to project an image of strength, continuous growth and a solid link with Oman’s rich history”. – HH Highness Sayyid faisal Al Said (Times of Oman).



'Connected with you'








'Inspired by the National flag of Oman, the new logo incorporates the trilogy of the country’s national colours presented in the shape of the flag as it gently unfurls in the breeze,' NBO.

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