Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Slider Station Restaurant Poisoning Patrons Update.....

Last week, as mentioned in Muscat Daily, quite a few individuals (some report up to 40) became sick after eating breakfast at Slider Station Restaurant at Shatti Beach. This is a 'hip' mall complex located on the beach with many restaurants near the Intercon Hotel. Slider Station serves mini burgers called 'sliders' each with a different theme with names such as the 'Obama' and 'Dangerous'.

It's been pointed out the ingredients for the infected food came from Maweleh market which has some questionable standards as anyone can basically bring their goods to sell. However, The food establishment itself checked out on health and safety standards. Moreover, some individuals are still recovering in the hospital. And, it's been mentioned some are relatives of high profile officials and that the bacteria came from an infected person or persons working at the restaurant. We hope a fast recovery for all.


The Muscat Municipality is awaiting lab results in the Qurm food poisoning case to decide its next course of action. Over 20 people took ill after having breakfast at a restaurant in the area last week.
Qais al Kashri, director of Muscat Municipality’s health affairs department told Muscat Daily that any action will be based on test reports of food samples collected. “Results will be ready on Monday,” he said. “We took samples from the food items that may have caused the poisoning and sent them for lab tests, coordinating with the Ministry of Health (MoH). Some reports were in by Sunday, but not all.”
Following the complaints, a team from the municipality inspected the restaurant and questioned its staff. It found that the establishment was adhering to all health and safety norms, he said.
He said that egg and meat samples from Mawaleh Central Market from where ingredients for the breakfast served came, were also collected.
Kashri said the municipality received the first complaint of the incident on the evening of April 14.
Muscat Private Hospital and Al Raffah Hospital were among the hospitals which received the affected.
“We received some complaints while most cases were registered at various hospitals and health centres run by MoH,” Kashri said.
The 'Obama'  I presume...


  1. Definitely not the "Obama"...I always wondered if it was mildly racist but the Obama is: breaded fried chicken with maple sticky buffalo sauce, fresh red onions, jalapenos & rocca ( on page 3)

  2. Thanks Anon for clarifying. I saw the US flag and have heard of his liking of 'Five Guys' burgers so assumed wrongly.....