Monday, March 17, 2014

Oman News Agency -> Topics -> News Photoes

Another major typo; this time in Oman News Agency's main navigational bar, 'NEWS PHOTOES' instead of 'PHOTOS'. It is even a graphic. I could not find 'photoes' as a plural spelling in British or American English.  Not that we all don't make typos from time to time; I know I make many.  However, most of us are not the Oman News Agency, 'under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information,' and 'the official channel for news about the Sultanate and it is the centre,' established by a Royal Decree. But, to keep things in perspective, former US VP Dan Quayle made a similar error by the misspelling 'pototoe' at a children's spelling bee.

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  1. one word for this typo. or type of spelling errr. OMANIZATION. The end.