Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Convictions in Oil Sector Graft Cases / Galfar, PDO / P. Mohammad Ali - 15 years

The First Court of Instance in Muscat issued several verdicts on Sunday ranging from three years jail to 15 years jail time for ex-officials mainly from PDO and Galfar Oman companies. Some of the verdicts seem to be open for appeal according to Gulf News Article:

Also, at the Curtis Law Blog one can read the details on Oman's ratification of the UN Convention Against Corruption:

P/ Ali Mohammad ex-Galfar official: Source Gulf News

FB Page 'Save Dr. Ali Mohammad'

Dr, Ali has been involved in many philanthropic efforts in Oman and India. He has a large base of  'supporters' in both countries. He did not appear at the trial Sunday.



1. Former Managing Director, P. Mohammad Ali,  15 years jail, OMR 1.7 M  fine, deportation

2. 'Former Deputy' to Galfar,  15 years, OMR534,000, deportation

ability to appeal


1. Former General Manager of Engineering Sadiq Suliaman,  6 years (serve 4 years) OMR200,000, dismissal 

2. Former project manager, Mohammad Al Maskati, 3 years, OMR150,000,  dismissal

3. Former Head of Projects, Nasser Al Alawi, 3 years, OMR24,000, dismissal

4. Former Head of Contracts North Sector, Khalid Al Garadi, 3 years, OMR 500,000, dimissal

5. Former Head of North Sector,  Saif Al Hanai, 3 years, OMR 1M, dismissal

Smart Technical Services Company

1. CEO, Basil Maki, 2 years, OMR150,000

Appeals 100,000 OMR

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