Monday, July 22, 2013

Oman when/if the seas rise due to climate change

Muscat - Muttrah to Seeb.
 If you live between the coast and Sultan Qaboos Highway ('the red zone')
 it looks as if you will be under water.

Recently, I read a 'scientific' article reporting the CO2 level is now as concentrated in the atmosphere as when the seas were 40 meters higher; and that more melting action down in Antarctica was going on. Supposedly, the rise in ocean level will happen rapidly.  If the seas did raise 40 meters, this is what Oman would look like.

Please refer to maps below. The 'yellow' indicates about a 20 meter raise in sea level. The red areas indicate a severe flooding problem with a one to six meter level rise. The green areas will probably be OK unless the seas rise 35-70m. Oman looks alright except for the coastal cities. The interior people behind the Hajer mountains have nothing to worry about. Should the capital be moved back to Nizwa?

In Muscat, the area between the coast and Sultan Qaboos Highway is coloured in 'red' and in the danger zone for only a one to six meter rise in sea level. This part of Muscat looks doomed; which includes the new airport. Places like Ansab and Al Khoud look above water with a 20m rise. Maybe, the powers that be should start to build these new billion dollars projects a bit inland just in case; and, while they are at it cancel the new coastal road up to Shinas from Muscat as the water may creep in before they finish if the 'scientific projections' prove correct.

Sur will be destroyed; but Masira makes it. Part of Salalah goes under water, but some of it survives. Over in the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in the 'dark red zone' and get flooded.

One can play around with the 'Sea Level Rise Explorer' here:


GCC Region

Muscat - Muttrah to Seeb


Omani Coast

Sur in 'red zone'
Dubai and Abu Dhabi under water

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