Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Omani National Day Songs & Money

In honour of the 45th Omani National Day (Eid Wontani), I am posting up new songs for this National Day and a photo of the new 1 OMR note.
1. The song below was sponsored by Ooreedo. It hit the scene last week and features Al Wasmi the former Emirati heartthrob pop singer and the poet Mazin Al Haddabi along with local Omanís. There are English subtitles.
It was quite `cool`, Al Wasmi agreed to do the `non-musical` parts. Al Wasmi might be considered to have strong ties to Oman due to the fact his family originates from near Saham, Oman, and he lived in Burami driving cabs before his singing career took off.  Due to personal tragedy, he stop singing and turned his talents to only performing in a non-musical religious style. This is turn has caused many Omani youth to turn away from music into this type of religious expression in Oman. In Islam, music is considered to distract. 

2. Omani 45th National Day Song. The blue flower-like design is the new logo for the 45th National Day.


3. This is a performance from the Sur Private School. I am posting it as during the fall months, the Omani school system dedícates much time to practicing and preparing for National Day.

4. New Omani Rial.

2015 - Note the 45th National Day  logo on back of rial.




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  1. Yay someone else who wakes up early!

    As cute as singing school kids are I so wish it was not a priority of the educatonal system to focus on these performances... It would be better for the economy if they focussed on education not performing for most of the school year...

    Refusing to allow your children to participate also can get you thrown in jail sooo lol.