Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pretty Cool App: 'Muscat Guide' from Oman Collective Intel

Maurizio who heads up the blog over at Oman Collective Intelligence & team have come up with a new app and guide of Muscat. I am reposting the info below. I think it's just grand and will be quite handy for tourists, expats and even locals. Well done.

To get the app go here:


Muscat Guide is a new and personalized way of experiencing Muscat and its happenings. It is a free mobile app developed in between Italy and Oman, relying on the latest technology, hosting plenty of valuable info available for both residents and tourists.
Muscat Guide has all the usual stuff such as restaurants, shops, major places of interests, cinemas, etc. as well as a news section, in cooperation with Muscat Daily newspaper. Additionally you'll find a social media section where several popular bloggers and Facebook Groups in Oman can be found and easily accessed.
You can also choose what type notifications you’d like to receive (without annoying pop up ads) and take advantage of the various offers from your favourite outlets in Muscat!
The app design is cool and modern and the engine guarantees a smooth browsing. Check this demo video:

Check the website too for more info. 
Here is the deal; If you're a small business owner and would like to be listed in Muscat Guide for free then send a mail to Not it?
So go for it, download the app for free by clicking hereand don't forget to let me know your feedback. Happy day!

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