Saturday, October 11, 2014

'Game over - 'B'aul Le Guen' Oman vs Costa Rica

Yesterday, during the 'friendly' between the Oman football team and Costa Rica in Sohar some local fans sported this banner:

Arabic: "Game over - Paul Le Guen."  Mr Le Guen has been the Omani manager since 2011. His winnings record with Oman is 41.07% (Wiki)
It's been reported these fans were investigated and their banner confiscated (perhaps - a bit of an over reaction).  Although Oman won the Gulf Cup and few years back; recently, their record has not been as impressive. Costa Rica defeated Oman 4-3 in this game. Oman put up a decent fight.

Omani coach at a local shop

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  1. Le Guen is not a winning combination for this team. Player's talent is there but they need a leader who can change their mindset. Convert them into pro player with a pro mindset. The Frenchmen is not that one. It lacks the charisma it takes to achieve such a lasting impact.