Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today in Liwa: Protest over pollution shut down by riot forces

Today there was a protest in Liwa, a town just north of Sohar near the Sohar Port in the Batina region. Both men and women demonstrated in regard to environmental pollution issues in the area. Protesting is a controversial and potentially illegal manner of expression in Oman. It has been reported that pollution from the port and industry nearby has caused health problems such as respiratory issues, cancers and fetal defects.

The residents are demanding to be shifted to a new area as previously promised. Whether or not protesting is appropriate, there seems to be a real concern here for the health of the residents that has not been dealt with by the proper authorities to the satisfaction of these residents. Liwa is just in between the Sohar Port, Sohar Aluminum smelter, a mining company and Sohar refinery. Later, it was said riot squads confronted them by using tear gas and water to disperse the congregating residents.

Liwa protesters. The sign reads 'ya Orpic killed all the things that grow and people '

Ladies demonstrating in Liwa

Pollution in Liwa

Mr. Al-Mamari, Shura member from the area attended.
Later, he was arrested with several others. See:

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