Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Omani Garlic - Ancient Secret in Falaj Construction

الثوم العماني 'Thum Omani'. In the past the Omanis used garlic 'Omani dynamite'  to aid them in construction of afalaj (aqueducts).  Having very potent qualities, garlic was crushed and left on the planned falaj route for the purpose of weakening and crumbling the rock which then was more easily dug out. The garlic was left on the rock for a week or more. Afterward, fire was used to burn out the area. Original Omani garlic is known to be one of the best in Al Kaleej. The highest quality is grown in the interior where there's less humidity and higher temperatures. 



  1. greetings,

    quite intersting..... just wanted to know what is falaj ? also i m not able to understand how garlic would weaken a rock? would like to know more about this process.


  2. anon.thanks for your comment..falaj is the auqeduct system .I have added a picture of a falaj.