Saturday, November 17, 2012

Desert Tourism Camps Oman

Desert Camping

Source: 1000 Nights Camp
As the weather is finally cooling down, I am posting some options for desert camping in Oman. In Wahiba Sands (a desert in the Sharkiyya region), several desert camps are set-up for visitors who want to experience staying in the desert. Most camps offer Bedouin tents as accommodation (with added bathrooms and other luxuries) and some form of activities such as 4X4 dune bashing, camel riding, or hanging with Bedouins. Desert Camping is best between October and April as the summer heat in Oman reaches 50+ C. 

More Luxurious Camps 

  • Notes: Most luxurious and may be the best camp, swimming pool, conference hall, special 'glass house villas' if one prefers not to sleep in a tent. 
  • Website: 
  • Activities: Dune bashing, camel riding, horse safari, coffee with bedu, swimming pool, sand boarding and more.
  • See: New York Times: Luxury Camping in the Oman Desert
  • Price range: A single basic tent costs 25 OMR per night (which is quite reasonable and in-line with other camps)

Desert Nights Camp - - Run by the Oman Hotel group - same as Falaj Hotel in Muscat if you know it.  Runs a variety of package deals. Most expensive. Known as the '2nd best camp' after 1000 Nights. Luxury tents and bathrooms. Easy to book online. 

Desert Nights Camp

Sama Al Wasil Camp (Desert Palm Camp)
'Accommodation consists of 10 ensuite chalets (2 rooms in each) and 10 separate rooms, all with generous outside patios.' ..'Enjoy the thrill of riding the dunes on a Quad Bike. Go Dune Bashing in a 4X4 vehicle. Marvel at the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Get together with friends around a camp fire and gaze at star lit skies. Experience Henna painting .'

More Rustic Camps

Safari Camp -  - Limited facilities, Bedouin style camp.

Al Areesh and Al Naseem: - Closest to turtle watching at Raz al Jins. Camps are pretty basic with generators that are not always running. About 20 OMR for a single.