Thursday, July 19, 2012

Omani Duwar, Two Well-Known Roundabouts Razed Recently

The Omani road system uses roundabouts over traffic signals for the majority. Along Sultan Qaboos Highway roundabouts are seen as decorative landmarks adding artistic interest to the roadway. 

Recently, two iconic roundabouts the Sohar Globe (RIP Jul 6/2012) and Wadi Kabir Bakhoor (Mejmar) circles were reported razed in order to make way for 'fly-overs' to ease traffic. Instead of destroying these well-known icons, why not move them into a park out in the desert such as done in Szoborpark (Memento Park) outside Budapest where all the old statutes are now displayed.

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Globe Roundabout to be History
'Demolition of Mijmar roundabout brought sad news'
'I lived in Sohar when we had the Globe Roundabout'

The Sohar Globe roundabout in Oman destroyed in July 2012We will miss the Sohar Globe Roundabout

The Wadi Kabir bakhoor roundabout was taken down in 2012
Before: Wadi Kabir Roundabout in Muscat
Wadi Kabir Bakhoor Roundabout destroyed May 2012 to build flyover.
After: Wadi Kabir roundabout 'Sans' Bakhoor Decoration - May 2012

Wadi Kabir Muscat Roundabout with Incense Burner Decoration

Sohar Globe Roundabout destroyed July 2012 to make way for flyover
Spring 2011: Sohar Globe Roundabout
'Sans' Globe'
Sohar Oman Globe Roundabout taken down July 2012. The Globe Roundabout will be missed.
July 2012: Source:

Sohar Globe Roundabout is no more

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  1. Agree both added to the scenery - however I suspect that both being steel reinforced concrete the foundations and structure would be difficult to move. Its also very much the case with old structures in Oman that they are demolished in favour of the new.