Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fort Nakhal and Hot Springs

Fort Nakhal has been totally rehabbed which differentiates it from many of the hundreds of forts in Oman. The fort is about an hour from Muscat. Go north to Barka; then, turn left at the roundabout towards the interior, and Nakhal is about 30 minutes from the Barka roundabout.

Historically, the fort was a main defensive stronghold in the region. The main tribe from Nakhal is Al Harusi. The fort is open most days until 4 pm officially and sometimes stays open longer. There is an entrance fee of one Omani ryial.  About 10 minutes from the fort, one can find the hot springs, Al Thawrah. There is a bathing area and wadi. The spring is generally very crowded, so it's best to go on an off day.

Fort Nakhal: Latitude : 23°23'41.00"N, Longitude : 57°49'43.00"E

Queen Beatrix @ Nakhal

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