Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Focus on Omani Singers: Al-wasmi الوسمي

Al-wasmi is a famous Khaleeji pop singer based in the Emirates. There are many rumors about his background and personal life. It is believed his family is of Al Mezeini tribe originally from Saham in northern Oman; then, he moved near Al Burami in the Sutanate. Before he had success as a singer, he apparently held a job as taxi driver. He has had many hits and has a large following among the Gulf countries' youth due to his alluring voice and charisma. His videos are often broadcast on Najoom TV ( He was married to an Emirati lady. After a personal family tragedy, he quit singing for a time to atone for his past life style but returned coming out with religiously based song during Ramadan before last.



Religiously based song - peace of mind   راحة  البال
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