Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Focus on Omani Singers: Salim Ali Said / سالم علي سعيد

I would like to write about some Omani singers to share their talents with others. Salim Ali Said is an Omani singer from Salalah who was popular in the 1990s. His repertoire includes traditional Khaleeji songs and love songs. Some of his performances take place in a "gelsa" (a group of musicians playing together seated around a room) where he plays the loot and sings. It has been reported he quit singing due to not receiving enough support. Some of his songs include:
  • Ya soolie / Son-In-Law
  • Neseem al mahoba  / Love's a Breeze
  • La Tabkee / Don't Cry
  • Musafer / I'm Leaving
  • Ya munyiti / My Wish
  • Ya mazera / The Farmer
I hope you enjoy.

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